Here, the use of ITIL is understood as a set of rules. The connections of processes, database systems and tools enable the optimization of your packaging process. Our Packaging Factory concept guarantees a continuous high quality packaging.

Creation of an application catalogue
By examining and evaluating your applications on a constant basis we produce  a documentation in cooperation with you. This documentation discloses incorrectly applied software licenses and leads to a cost reduction .

Structures for your application
By defining processes and standards, the further processing of the information collected in the first step takes place. Additionally, information about packaging and testing is gathered here. For your company this means central  access and complete transparency regarding your applications. By considering the Best Practices according to ITIL a continuously high quality is ensured.

Scripting and packaging
SD-Technologies is able to supply you with the highest quality of applications on the basis of reliable state- of- the- art technologies by dividing the staff consequently into specialized teams.

Quality Control
Since we test all applications before providing them extensively, a smooth integration into your company is guaranteed.

Packaging-Factory database (IntegrationSuite)
The Packaging-Factory is an important communication basis between users and IT. Our SD-consultants have guaranteed a practical distribution and supply in well-known organizations from various sectors for years.  

Added value guaranteed by SD-Technologies:

  • Shorter processing times of the packaging environment.
  • Avoiding unnecessary „license accumulations“ by inserting pertinent questions into your application catalogue.
  • Fast response time to your customer through high-quality created software packages.   
  • Increase of the desktop availability.


With our „SD-guarantee-seal“, proven by the longstanding loyalty of our customers, we guarantee that:

  • We consequently integrate our knowledge into your team.
  • Our service at a fixed price contributes to a successful project.
  • Our staff is characterized by a high social competence.


For your company this means: We integrate fast into your existing organizational structures! Would you like to learn more about our packaging-factory or require further information? Then get in touch with us by email at or by phone:
+49 (0)241/518 377-10